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YES: We Are Highly QualifiedYES: We Are Highly Qualified

YES: We Are Highly Qualified

Being qualified technicians we are also trained in occupational health and safety, appropriate chemical handling, using equipment effectively and to identify the appropriate chemical for the carpet type and stain.

Elander Carpet Cleaning is a domestic and commercial steam cleaning business.

People always ask us what is the best, steam or dry cleaning, personally that is up to you everyone is different and we all have our own opinion, we are here to help you make the right decision. 

Steam Cleaning:

Results you only get from a professionalResults you only get from a professional

In this process, the carpet is pre vacuumed with an industrial vacuum preparing and lifting up the carpet pile.

Pre – spray now occurs which involves spraying bio-degradable chemicals onto the carpet and is left to bond with the soil.

If the carpets are heavy soiled we recommend that you have the carpets deep cleaned which involves a buffer using natural lambs wool, the cleaning agents are agitated which ensures maximum break down of stains,dirt and grime.

Hot water extraction now begins, hot water is injected into the carpet with a high pressure jet spray, this is done with truck mounted machinery, and it’s much more powerful than a portable and does a more thorough job.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as preferred method of carpet cleaning; it removes more bacteria and also prolongs the life of the carpets.

Stubborn stains may require a rescue kit, our qualified technician actually transfer’s the stain out of the carpet, this is done through ironing out the stain and transfers it on to a cotton cloth.

Pile setting is now applied, this improves the appearance of the carpets as well facilitates more rapid drying during the final stage; pile setting will bring your carpets up nice and fluffy.

Deodorising is now applied making your carpets or upholstery smelling terrific.


Dry Cleaning:

Quality lambs wool pads are used during the dry cleaning processQuality lambs wool pads are used during the dry cleaning process

Is also called bonnet cleaning.

Some hot water is used but much less than hot water extraction, dry cleaning is more of a surface clean.

First we pre vacuum using an industrial vacuum cleaner lifting the carpet pile.

Bio degradable chemicals are now sprayed onto the carpets and are left to bond with the soil.


Dry cleaning now begins; the cleaner has a pad which rubs the carpet, transferring the dirt into the pad.

Afterwards we pile set the carpet, we recommend drycleaning for maintenance only.

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Workmanship Award
Graham was awarded the the prestigious "Pride of Workmanship Award" presented by the Rotary Club of Keilor East. read more...

Graham Elander of Elander Carpet Cleaning with his Workmanship AwardGraham Elander of Elander Carpet Cleaning with his Workmanship Award

What do our customers say..

Dear Graham,

Thanks so much for the beautiful job you did cleaning our carpets. As we live on 7 acres of rural land, our carpets tend to suffer abnormal wear and tear and it's a challenge to keep them looking good. Cleaning with hired equipment produced what I thought was a reasonable job but then you were recommended to me by a friend who had used your services and what a difference! There's just no comparison between DIY and your "big boys" professional equipment. I had dreaded your visit with its anticipated disruption but your cheerful approach to your work made it easy.

Thank you again Graham. Your card is now permanently on our fridge.


Warmest regards,
Damon O'Donoghue